Feb. 17th, 2011

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I am psyched! This year I got a whole month's notice (lol) on the new Transgender Day of Visibility, Thursday March 31st. Amazingly, the deFrank's ballroom is open, and now it's mine! We'll have an open panel discussion, short films, and, I hope, art by and about trans people. Do you know anyone I should contact for art or participation on the panel? Let me know, or give them my info.
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My media tv died a couple of days ago (insert cranky here; half hour on hold with Costco, and now Vizio says leave a message... and it's a year out of warranty, but only just short of 4 years old). 

The computer attached to it logically enough is the  machine I use for itunes, photos, etc. I had it set up for two monitors, with the main display on the big tv. The computer itself doesn't really show anything (since it's last wipe and redo a couple months ago). So, I can't see anything on its monitor, so I can't make it a one monitor display again. Maybe there's some way to do that through one of the boot up sequences? F8? F11? Any one know?

Thanks in advance.


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