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My company is having a wee in-house holiday party this year. Encouraging costumes once again: 'a traditional holiday outfit'.

So, if I choose 'yule' as my holiday... should I be a viking? What else would be fun? Something that I could put together pretty easily of course, it's only for work.

Admittedly, my choices will likely entirely confuse any judges/attendees, but what the hey.
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if so, I have a deal for you! (bay area peeps)
Black trench coat with belt, ready for a new home:


The size isn't marked, but I'd guess it's a large. In very good shape. If you can contribute $5-10 for it that would be great, but do let me know if you're interested either way. :-)
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Designer sh*t don't you know, from Coilhouse. Happy Friday!
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Can't help but think a temp version of circuit board tattoos has awesome costume potential...

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Clip art, costuming, novels, a range of stuff... thought it might be of interest to some. Goes til 9/27.
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from the new york times.


It is weird in my head to look at fetish gear from the dual perspectives of costuming (fashion) and kink. Accessorize accessorize. We can say the leather is in the person, as ever... except for many folks, the leather really is part of the kink. It's always strange when something one has been 'into' for years becomes popular.
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Saturday I accomplished one of my goals in life: eating at the Stinking Rose. It was fun, and surprising in decor (a red velvet hallway that went on and on, moons and stars oh my). I did however discover that even I should not eat 50 plus cloves of garlic. It was a LONG night. :-( Still, the meal was good, the company and conversation excellent (Rod and Allen and Wyatt and I joined up with visiting Bo and Steven; always a treat to see them, serious conversations about parenting and stereotypes included).

From there, we wandered the Castro. The gang of 4 elected to put our costumes on, though hardly anyone else on the streets had yet. This was to change. ! - We occupied all the stools in a coffee shop for a good long time (Bo at least recognized my costume as Voodoo!, leading to more interesting conversation). After some shopping (leather pride motorcycle license frame!), Bo and Steven departed, and we remaining found a relatively empty street corner to pose upon, and watch the creatures of the night come out. Doing so saved the event for me, as I was getting crowd phobic (the friendship dynamics were a bit odd during the day, which I think made my crowd dislike come on earlier than usual). With a clear space, I lit the cigar I'd been carrying all evening (it went nicely with my skull cane and top hat), and was able to relax a bit.

Wyatt was a pirate king, fancy dress vest and eye patch, Rod a hot leather demon, bare chest and harness and nasty wings, Allen a Japanese demon, kimono and mask.

The sights included: A half dozen Madonnas, each from a different incarnation of the Material One. A half doze drag queens with the biggest hats I've ever seen. Really good Draculas. Incrediboy. Football players in teeny tiny white shorts (woof!). A spattering of costumes became a tide, a flood. Eventually we gave it up and escaped before it became impossible to move. And TONIGHT is the big night! It was more than a little strange to see a few people costumed as leathermen. (arrgh)

I've always loved Halloween, even from before I knew myself a pagan. Samhain, dancing between the worlds, darkly. I will put out my Feast for the Dead tonight, and count myself ever so fortunate not to have personal dead this year (knock on wood!!). I will take a moment to remember all the folks I have known, to acknowldege my own continuing fear of death, and my love for the untamed.

I am going to the BASFA meeting I think, maybe stopping at a family bar after for a bit, we'll see.

The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test
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An update of all the busy-ness (besides work, which is of course, busy).

Had a truly marvelous time on Tuesday evening; went on a sail out of Santa Cruz on the Chardonnay (a 70 foot sail boat); it was a wine tasting event sponsored by Beauregard Winery. It was incredibly fun! Rod and Allen accompanied Wyatt and I. It was a perfect swoop from the afternoon into the sunset. Much of the time the boat was zooming along nearly on its side, and somehow the deckhands (female) still managed to spill barely a drop as we tasted assorted chardonnays, zinfandels, and pinot noirs (including a so-so IMO reserve; the amusing part was a stop by the pier, where the owner jumped off the boat, ran up to his shop, retrieved a magnum of the reserve, then... eventually... managed to jump back on the boat again). It never even got truly cold! It was a delight, and pulled together at the very last moment.

Last night I (finally!!!!) got to see Serenity. As all have noted; it's great, go see it, I must go again! Huzzah for good buddies like [livejournal.com profile] bovil and [livejournal.com profile] kroche who were willing to go see it a second time themselves so I could get my firsts in!

My involvement in the Santa Clara County Leather Association's Leather Weekend is fully ramped up. I'm kinda an unofficial overall manager/tracker. Actual lead for the meet and greet, but trying to keep a grip on the whole thing so we don't have embarrassing holes. It's fun and a bit intense at times. I am trying not to be an asshole while I'm at it. ;-) Local leatherfolks, I could really use a couple volunteers to hawk leather treasure raffle tickets at the meet and greet, and to man the door at the show on Saturday night. I want the Meet and Greet to be a total blast. ... I found a good website to order cop/motorcycle boots from; Central Police Suppy (.com of course). Tall engineer boots will be mine! (man, what is it about clothes/boots some days?)

Am working on putting together a Baron Samadhi costume for Halloween. Just ordered a top hat, to go with my Kristi coat and a cane and skeleton hands. It should be fun. :-) A little white and green makeup may be called for...


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