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Spin newspaper and knit it: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sf/look/how-to-spin-newspaper-into-yarn-107473

Bet that would make great insulation. And happy kitty cat bed filler! scratch scartch. Ok maybe not. Awesome fun idea anyhow.

For myself, I've been trying to make red wine vinegar for most of a year. A couple months ago I smelled some vinegar. Today, I tasted musty and saw mold. Nice to have that kinda dead space between the fence and the garage to toss the experiment.

Will have to get some starter from the mead store, next time I go to the mead store.
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I've made a few crafts so far this winter.

Bath salts and body scrub: tea tree/peppermint/lemon, and white ginger/bergamont

A medicine shield; the circle and elements for protection, the feather for attracting good stuff, the central symbols as reminders of his path

Candles; I saw a reference to microwaving wax to make candles. I've saved candle bits for a long time. I wanted a green and black candle for some Feri work. Time to try making candles! I used a small empty jar for one (curious to see how it burns) and the traditional milk carton for the other.

Pictures: http://flickr.com/photos/lobolance/sets/72157611784802004/

Still need to make a peacock feather fan. Someday I'd like to get my sewing machine tuned up and get back to sewing a vest (tentative on the sewing part....)
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Well, I hope one or two of you fine-arts skilled folks can offer me some suggestions. I am working on an art project (I know, most strange! But it's a Feri thing, so of course!).

I have a round crystal (with raised random-y lines, to make things yet more challenging) oil lamp that I want to 'paint'. I'd kinda like the color effects to be fairly sheer, but will go for deep if that's more doable. I'm hoping to draw some fairly simple designs on it, in about half a dozen colors.

I can't draw, let us be clear. So using paint makes me even more nervous. However... I want this to be as fun as it can. Is there a type of marker I can use? If not, what type of paint?

Might be a nice background project at Costume-Con, though I'm leaning heavily towards the hot tub and whatever sun appears. :-)

Thanks guys!
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Clip art, costuming, novels, a range of stuff... thought it might be of interest to some. Goes til 9/27.

cool link

Aug. 10th, 2007 01:45 pm
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This is on a crafts site. Make a batmobile from recycled paper! whee!

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I have lots of spooky ones. I wonder if I could modify one for this usage.


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