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I am sad to hear today (on the excellent Coode Street podcast), that Diana Wynne Jones has passed. I loved many of her books, and always planned to go read some more. Still do.

Always thought that her books would make a fine basis for a contemporary kid's fantasy movies.


the happy

Dec. 14th, 2010 04:29 pm
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ST-TNG inspired corset.
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science and fanfic. Life is good. If typically strange.
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Harlan Ellison is selling off a chunk of his book collection, from his own rare editions to those given him by friends. Ah, the days of giant bookcases... 

I know some folks have issue with Ellison for his outrageousness, and yeah I've seen him be a jerk too. But he's not alone in that ;-) (darn human beings!). He was the first I-adore-him major author I saw at a con. Fortunately, multiple times. He read the most amazing stories with a verve few authors can match. And of course he ranted frequently with the best.

Anyhow, much drool-worthy stuff!

con music

Jul. 7th, 2010 10:00 am
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The current Pub Songs Broadcast podcast (by Marc Gunn) features filk music. Awesome tune from the point of view of the Seven Dwarfs, the Jedi Drinking Song, etc. Makes excellent background music for work (well, IMO). :-)  Enjoy.
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Coming from Ikea; manga inspired goodies. I can so see this working in many a fan's home/closed.

And also riffing from Apartment Therapy's article there, my Ikea name: SLOBJALANSS (minus the dot things over the As); a three drawer cabinet of some sort. ;-)
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O my sf friends:

I just finished rewatching the last half of the last season. A lot of unfinished bits come to mind (Laura's religious theme for one). What are some really good summary/fill-in-the-blank/etc discussions/essays online?
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For all of ye who like me who are getting a copy of the Star Trek reboot dvd for the holiday; read the really nice review salon.com did on the flick.

Here's to optimism in the new year!
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mixing two of my interests so well: http://community.livejournal.com/saucydwellings/1571797.html#cutid1

I wouldn't do exactly this kind of room, but I totally appreciate it from both fannish and design perspectives. Especially as it's smallish and includes cats.
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Great pic of Leonard Nimoy lounging against a '60's machine. Thanks for sharing Wil!
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In progress translation of Amadis of Gaul, a 15th century fantasy. Might be of interest for a number of friends.


this is from a Linked In group. !
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of course, this captures the one reason I might've wanted to watch the Emmy's (besides Sr. Harris himself)...

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My first thought on dancing in space was of course Spider Robinson.

A Cirque du Soleil founder is doing environmental awareness through dance... in space and around the planet, on Oct. 9. Check out the article.


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