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From Discover:
  • Cancer cells use fat molecules as signalling tools.
  • The cancer cells signal each other to grow larger and more dangerous.

    ... in the spirit of Cancer Sucks. It's just shown in mice, but fits in with other links seen in humans.
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    If you haven't already done so, and you think everyone has a right to control their own body, please go sign Sen. Boxer's petition against the Stupak amendment. The Senate is likely to vote really soon, and though we're ahead at the moment, there are surely no guarantees. Please give a crap, take a moment, and sign!

    ... a brand new study came out last month, finding that the rate of abortions does not change when abortion is illegal. But the number of women killed soars.
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    Paul Monette helped me survive the *huge* grief and rage I felt during the worst years of the AIDS crisis.

    World Aids Day reminds me of the gratitude I have for time with the people I loved and lost, for the leather men who were never my teachers but would have been, for the poets, and for those who are living with AIDS today.

    Guys, being trans is not reason enough to be a bug chaser.
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    I went to the optometrist today and got a new prescription. Then found a super good deal online from a reputable site; limited quantities, going fast, etc. very cool if you need a new pair of glasses:


    I got two pair for $40. ! Yes I really just need reading glasses; but the script addresses the slight astygmatism, which is nicer for wearing all day.


    Nov. 16th, 2009 09:54 pm
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    This evening (!) I got a call from an office of San Francisco Kaiser. I had been referred there by my local (Santa Clara) branch.

    This San Francisco branch performs transgender care and surgery.

    The nice lady was audibly sad that she could not help me, as though she worked at the place which could help me, I don't have the holy 'transgender benefit' at Kaiser; therefor they cannot will not help me. Insurance doesn't cover me. She helpfully suggested I get a job with the city of San Francisco (keeper of the holy benefit torch, along with just a few other places). Nice and all, but, really, should every trans American come get a job with the city in order to get health care. ? Meanwhile, my insurance company, which could take care of my health care needs insystem, won't. And they are *still* the best game in town.

    I am yet another person health insurance doesn't take care of.

    And on another front: do trans specific laws matter? Yes they do. Sure they shouldn't need to exist, but they make all the difference in the world.
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    Lambda Legal is gathering data to present in the near future for health care action. Please take their survey. !

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    From theNew York Times article; the Prez delivered a speech at Notre Dame, and decided to take on abortion as a topic:

    In his address, Mr. Obama did not engage on the merits of the debate on abortion; he instead made an appeal to each side of the issue. He said he supported a “sensible conscience clause” allowing health care providers to withhold abortion or other services that conflicted with religious beliefs.

    -- Um. This is a frustrating moment for me; the downside of our moderate president (still, I am very  happy he's in the White House!). Instantly springing to my mind are images of teen girls in Tinyville USA, unable to get an abortion 'cause she doesn't have the means to get to Bigtown, and can't get one locally. Or even in Bigtown, a number of trans and gay people don't get the health care they need, as the folks at the local clinic have religious reasons not to provide service.

    Is that a valid concern?

    And on the other side, would one want to receive services from a practitioner who hated what they were doing? And people should do what they want to do (a basic belief of mine), as long as no one else is harmed. - hmm, 'harm' as the out here, the reason a practitioner must provide whatever service?

    Nothing new in the conversation, I know. I'm curious as to what others think.
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    Yesterday I had my first visit to an acupuncturist. ! An out-of-the-blue adventure. I was up in Oakland visiting Abe, who had a regular appointment with said Chinese medicine therapist. So, wot the heck, says I, make me an appointment! And so it was.

    Whitney, the acupuncturist, works out of the Oakland Acupuncture Project. The clinic is very cool in its format; it works on something of a community model, with a sliding scale and mostly shared treatment rooms (as they work in China). It's queer friendly.

    Whitney was wonderfully matter of fact and relaxed in hir movements and conversation, making no big thing out of the treatment to this newbie. Which was great. I filled out some forms, answered some questions, then was led to a nice lounger, where I rolled up my trouser legs and shirt sleeves. Whitney then placed a number of long skinny needles into my legs, arms, right ear, and head. ! Half way through, the pain in my elbows and right shoulder (which were what I asked treatment for), was gone.

    Nearly every one delivered its own sensation. For several, the sensation happened after a few seconds, blooming up one way or another. After that, silence... feeling, floating, breathing. It was kinda wild... heat slowly enveloped my right hand. One ear needle would throb, then another. I had a number of experiences I would call 'releasing'; either unexpected sighs out, sensations that grew and then let go, etc. Really interesting.

    Today, I have a little pain in my right elbow, nothing in the shoulder or other elbow. I find that fairly remarkable. I'll do this again.

    Yea adventures!

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    of course, it doesn't have to be about aids... it's a fine metaphor for sexual contact all told. way cool (in that hardcore no fun kinda way).
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    The legislature has (again!) voted to cover every Californian with health care insurance! This law not only gives every single one of us health care access, it will save f'ing billions of dollars (no more 'gotta go to the emergency room because I don't have coverage', as a starter).


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    Likely all of you haven't seen this yet. :-) Tis utterly fabulous. We (LGBTSOFFA...) really need this.


    intro: "On June 16, 2008, the American Medical Association (AMA) passed a resolution at their annual meeting of the House of Delegates, supporting public and private health insurance coverage for treatment of gender identity disorder as recommended by the patient’s physician."

    It' going to be 'interesting' to see how this filters into insurance and medical practices in general. Yea for one more step in the direction of safety and health. Not to mention equality. And sanity. ;-) 
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    I gave blood at the Red Cross on Saturday. For the first time, at the start of the questions, I was asked 'were you born biologically male or female?'. The admin clearly thought I was joking when she heard the answer. But I wasn't. As a note, I'm rather used to lying about who I have sex with, but, as usual, I didn't think to lie when asked a new direct question (I don't do much off-the-cuff lying ;-) ).

    So, clueless what to do, the admin got her supervisor (who was a really cool person) who called their off-site supervisor after much debating of tactics (they did want to ensure my privacy). She came back with the info that I had to be entered as female (after years donating as male!) in order for the 'correct' questions to be had.

    However, the upper supervisor personally guaranteed he would call whomever and get some kinda note made so no 'mistakes' would be made. I was already clear with myself that I would walk out and never come back if I had to deal with gender confusion from some telemarketer in the future on account of this. Of course, I can always just add lying about my birth sex to my standard answers to their questions (should I donate again). It's all rather tiresome.

    With some misgivings, I agreed to go forward. ... I have rather rare blood, and it's useful for me to donate, as like many transmen, my red blood cell count can get a little high.

    So, we'll see what happens next time I get called to donate blood.

    I find I remain really rather angry. I worked so hard to get all 'f's removed from legal papers, and here one is again, entirely needlessly.

    At least I had a good conversation with the local supervisor about how poor and unscientific much of their screening process is. And I really will call her (as well as the upper supervisor) if I have any problems (in order to say what happened and to take me off their call list).

    It's worth noting that they had to ask the bio question... and had no plan for dealing with the answer!
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    How can a company get a score of 100 when its health plan excludes all transgender care coverage???

    for example, Cisco: http://www.hrc.org/Template.cfm?Section=Search_the_Database&Template=/CustomSource/WorkNet/srch_dtl.cfm&srchtype=QS&searchid=1&orgid=1334


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