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Boosting the signal... Lee Harrington, a long-time leather player, has shared a new Feri-style pentacle; Ruby/leather. Pentacles are ways of working with our common human experience/energies. I'm going to work it and see what I find.
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Newly revealed motorcycle gang photos from 1965.! By LIFE photographer Bill Ray.

Look how little leather they're wearing! An extra pair of jeans as chaps. Women using razor blades to trim their eyebrows to the right edge.

It's also fascinating, how the energy and intentional wildness leaps out of the photos.
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Tyler is the first trans man to win IML.

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I am *so* amused by this. The writer of a productivity/growth blog I follow has started discussing D/s in terms of the blog. Just too funny, even if entirely usable. ! It's all so very Serious.
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I support the Leather Archives & Museum. This is an interesting project, so I'm passing the word.
The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) is committed to collecting, preserving and providing access to the contributions, experiences, and histories of women in leather, BDSM, fetish, and related lifestyles. The Women’s Leather History Project (WLHP) represents the LA&M’s ongoing commitment to making the diverse voices of women in leather visible and heard. The WLHP will collect artifacts, stories, and other items that represent the experience of all women (straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, women of color). The resulting collections will be featured in future exhibitions at the Leather Archives & Museum.

Please join the WLHP and the LA&M and ring in the New Year by becoming a part of this urgent and very important project of collecting and protecting Women’s Leather History!

The WLHP is a multi-year project. Our target fund-raising goal for 2010 is $10,000, and we hope to collect an additional $2,500/year for each additional year. Donations to the WLHP will only be used for program items related to the collection and exhibition of women’s leather history at the LA&M. Your donations will fund the hiring of a professional curator, the creation of museum exhibits at the LA&M, and the acquisition and storage of women’s leather resources including:

•       Papers
•       Video recorded interviews
•       Personal histories—oral, film, and written
•       Art and visual resources
•       Media—books, magazines, films, and digital media
•       Artifacts—organizational and personal

Spearheading the WLHP for LA&M will  be Sarah Humble and Leigha Fleming. Says Humble, “I am so excited to be involved in leading this project. I have my video recording equipment ready. It’s so important that as women we take the lead in collecting and preserving our own histories!”

Says Fleming, “We will be present at events, scheduling interviews and soliciting donations to make this project a reality. Vi Johnson & Jill Carter have become our first individual donors and SouthEast Leatherfest has become our first event donor.

We will begin accepting donations for this exciting public history project on January 1, 2010. The Leather Archives & Museum is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, therefore any contribution you make to this project is tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. Donations can be made via the LA&M website or by mailing a check/money order to: Leather Archives & Museum
6418 N. Greenview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626. Please mark your contributions “women” or “WLHP.” If you have any questions, please email women@leatherarchives.org

You can visit the Women’s Leather History Project on the LA&M website at: www.leatherarchives.org/wlhp
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Just heard. wow.

I was impressed by the way Mr. Marcus remembered who I was as a baby titleholder, even as the years went by. He expected his royal greeting. :-D

I appreciated his stubborness and his vanity in keeping up his column to the very end; he was going to see it got done, and done right. The bitchiness was part of what we counted on. He was one of the people 'everyone' knew, one of the defining pillars of our leather community. Not exactly pretty, but present and passionate, and that is quite fabulous all in itself.

My sympathies to those close to him. He will be missed. 
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RSVP to events@edges.biz to get into the South Bay's hot mixed energy, all genders dungeon party this weekend!
We'll have a d.j. spinning tunes to get your energy going, and mats to get down on. 

Event: Queer Edge - Action!
What: Mixed Energy Erotic Dungeon Party
Host: Queer Edge
Start Time: Saturday, September 19 at 8:00pm
End Time: Sunday, September 20 at 1:00am
Edges Dungeon

Want more? Before the party, check out *Sexual Health: You Thought You Knew*
at 5pm at Edges - lots of up-to-the-moment info for queer people!

$5 with an Edges card, $15 without

Contact us at queeredge@boinkco.com. You can also find us on Facebook.

(and now the officious bits)
  • The general public is NOT admitted into Edges events. Edges is a community-supported membership venue. We strongly encourage Queer Edge attendees to become Edges members.
  • Membership registrations are not sold at the door of Edges parties. To arrange an appointment please write to events@edges.biz.
  • Please have your Edges membership card ready to show at the door or it's a $5 fee.
  • If you are not an Edges member, you must RSVP to events@edges.biz as the guest of one (RSVP for Queer Edge), sign a release form and present valid picture ID at the front desk. All guests must RSVP or arrive with their sponsoring member.
  • Please note that replying to this post does not constitute an RSVP with Edges.
  • Adults 18+ only. No ID=No Entry. No Exceptions. Please remember the limits of consent and respect.

    Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another. -- Madonna
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Maybe I'm the only person who hadn't heard; a kink-friendly coffee shop is coming to the city soon.



This hot caffeination might have been the inspiration for Wicked Grounds, opening in SOMA within the next two weeks. Combining San Francisco's notorious BDSM culture -- and the embarrassment of riches we have in kinky people, places and things -- with coffee fetishism and cafe culture, it will be a don't-miss experience for anyone over 18 who'd love to mix cafe culture, great coffee, and decadent fantasy.

Bring a tip for your sexy barista, a leash for your human kitten, and according to Rose White at Wicked Grounds, they'll provide kitty's latte in a bowl so you may enjoy the atmosphere with your pet well cared for. And as the "first and only kink cafe and boutique" in San Francisco (or the United States), you can likely also get your boots shined and pick up a few adults-only souvenirs.

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We're having another Queer Edge party! Please join us the weekend before Folsom, for another hot, diverse, edgy event. Who knows what you'll find on the walls this time...  Bring your gear and your plaything, and find out!

What: Queer Edge Mixed Energy Dungeon Party
When: Sept. 19, 8pm to 1am
Who: The Queer Edge Gang: Andy, Kevin, Loren, boyjean, and Lance
Cost:  $20 with Edges card / $25 for guest, or those without Edges card
Where: Edges, Santa Clara, CA; RSVP for location to events@edges.biz; RSVP required for non-Edges members.

This party is for all kinky self-identified queers hungry for hot dungeon action!

Loren, Andy, Kevin and Lance and boyjean have held a handful of leather titles among them, and have organized and presented at many leather events.
Put the date on your calendar today!

Contact us at queeredge@boinkco.com.

Pass it on! - tweet us, put us on your favorite kinky calendar, post to your blog...
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which should probably ready 'dying', but I have a hard time with that even knowing it's true.

It's is good/awesome that folks don't have to hide so much, to gather in little tight groups in order to find the (rough/kinky/fetish) sex they want, without shame and with little fear. Thank ghod, isn't that why the clubs worked for acceptance (and yes some folks argue against that well)? Yes the social stuff is really different now. Things are always changing.

I'm one of the folks who find the passing of the clubs (and bars) sad, while still really appreciating the (somewhat) more accepting world (not to mention the ease of connecting through the internet, even if I'd rather meet people in person, as well as I think peer education events are more fun than commercial educational events). There were/are real down sides to leather culture as well (unkind elitism being one off the top of my head).  I sure like the whole honesty/respect/acceptance side of the culture.

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wish I could embed this, but I'm having no luck tracking it down on youtube:
"I'd like to dress you up in leather"; a leather bar, in a classic and yet never before seen way....
bilerico is my friend.
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Vanguard IX

November 7-9, 2008
San Jose California

All Genders and Orientations of Kinky Leather folks welcome!


For application:
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Offered for your consideration... portraits in pleasure and power...

The Santa Clara County Leather Association proudly presents Leather Weekend 2008 – it ain't the same old thing, it's something nastier - the Art of Sleaze!

Friday, Nov. 7, 9pm: Meet and Greet at Renegades Bar

Saturday, Nov. 8: Art of Sleaze Mixed Energy Dungeon Play Party, at Edges

Sunday, Nov. 9, Noon; schmooze brunch at the Cardinal, in San Jose

We dream of living art in the dungeon... painted flesh... small acts that entice as you create your own scenes... of delicacies, artfully presented in the social areas... of leather men and women... of gearheads...wild animals... of rough sex, proudly displayed... How will *you* frame your fantasy?

Visit www.SCCLeather.com for details as the date nears.

The SCCLA is a project of the Billy deFrank LGBT Center.

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I was on my bicycle. A very warm day. Rounded a curve and there they were, young, maybe three or four inch spikes! Nifty. Bounding off to my right and into invisibility.

Earlier in the week, I saw a different type of hawk near where I live. Much smaller than the red-shouldereds. I know it's a common type of hawk, but I haven't had time to google it.

Been verra verra busy.

High school reunion a couple weeks ago; I got food poisoning (worst sickness I've had in years-blargh) the day before, and ran out of steam fairly early during the reunion. OTOH, had a really good reconnection with the friend I was staying with (we were high school friends, and went to the same college), which was great. I really liked her family as well; it was great to be that comfortable in such dire straits. ;-)

The universe has seen fit to provide me with a wonderful cumulative personalized riding course since I got the new motorcycle; this workshop, that ride, another workshop, another ride... My skills have distinctly improved. It's exciting.

Last weekend was Leather Levi Weekend. Had a very long ride up; educational, as noted. As well as very hot and very cold and very beautiful; redwoods, gravel, ocean, curvy hills. I was camped with three other folks in the upper meadow; we even had a 'living room'. Where I did some shaving... And nearby shaded camp sites to play in when not in a fisting tent, the pool, or other happy place. I also got asked to lead the flag ceremony, and carry the American flag, which was very cool. Conspired with a club mate to make sure SCCLA colors were presented. Whatever the state of the club, my heart is still attached to it. And to my primary camp mate. Lucky me!

I am feeling very grateful.

Work is crazy busy. I asked for, and got, a little raise. I think I'm a manager now.... And: Kaiser and three times a charm (in the TMI department): I have a date for a full hysterectomy. Not been a real joy getting there, but I'm there!

This weekend is gay rodeo. Yea for getting to drop by a time or two. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] bovil and [livejournal.com profile] kproche!
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I'm riding my fine new (to me) motorcycle to Leather Levi Weekend next week, taking off next Thursday morning (not insanely early, but well before noon :-) ). I'd be happy to share the road with anyone else heading up from the San Jose area. I've got a nice route (I know it's in my filing cabinet somewhere... or I can recreate it...) to take. Let me know if you want to share the ride. 
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Worth reading if you're interested in leather/bdsm/fetish/transsexuality/psychology


I really appreciated the author talks about the unusually good relationship skills she learned through contact with the leather community, and dives into the use of the word 'fetish' as a way anathematizing topics we don't understand.
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The Santa Clara County Leather Association is hosting the Meet and Greet for the Northwest Leather Conference (and NWM/s contest) tonight, Friday May 16 in San Jose.

WHERE: Renegades Bar  www.renegadesbar.com
501 W. Taylor St, San Jose, CA  95110
WHEN: 8pm until whenever they kick us out!
COVER: There's never a cover charge at Renegades! C'mon out!
Friday is going to be one hot night all the way around, but it's going to be
extra steamy at Renegades!

-Meet the contestants for Northwest Master/slave 2008!

-See  demos by LorenQ and Michael Sol, and just maybe one or two other
interesting  surprises.

-Have your boots blacked by boyjean, International Community  Bootblack 2007!

-Buy some raffle tickets and win some fun stuff! Proceeds  from the raffle
benefit the NWM/s travel fund.

-Adore our fabulous emcee  for the evening, and for the weekend, Gabrielle
Antolovich, International Ms  Leather 1990!

- Bring  your appetite! For just $6, Captain's Fun in the Bun will
give you a  plate of your choice of Chicago Dog, The King Louie (Spicy Polish),
The Big Al  (Italian Beef), Captain's Big Ass Chili Dog or Sabra's Bitchin' BBQ
Beef  Sandwich: Choice of Potato Salad or Sabra's Special ColeSlaw: Brownie
Bites for  dessert!

Dinner starts serving around six pm, so feel free to come on  down as soon as
you want, but the Meet and Greet festivities kick off at eight pm.

Come on down to Renegades, at 501 W. Taylor St, San Jose,  this Friday, and
join the SCCLA in kicking off smOdyssey's Northwest  Leather
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I hitched a ride with laurie girl up the memorial. It was really good to have some conversation time with her.

A lot of people showed up for the celebration of life for Tie. Including a bunch of family members, and Tie's ashes. Turned out that this celebration WAS his memorial. A whole lot of us spoke, sharing touching and funny memories. Honestly, it was a 'wow'; so many good stories painting a picture of a talkative, loving, open, hard-working, messy, humorous man. I swear, if that many folks show up at my memorial when the time comes, I will consider myself blessed and honored. There were an awful lot of red eyes in the place. It's been more than a month since we go the news of his passing, but the emotions were running pretty freely. Tie touched a lot of people.

I was terrifed to get up and share my very personal story, but I felt driven to do so. Tie was the first leatherman to approach me right after transition, asking questions. And then flirting. Offering kisses and an open heart. I can't express how much gratitude I have for that man.

I am really happy I got to meet Michael, the man he spent the last couple years of his life( in Palm Springs) with. He seemed a big hearted guy as well. And the number of family members that were there among the leather crew, accepting us and moved along with us. Wow. -- Michael told me that he knew of me, that Tie had spoken of me. I am still so blown away by that.

Cheers, Tie! Laughter and love and gratitude to you.

Night Show

Feb. 11th, 2008 12:27 pm
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Saturday night (2/9/08) , several SCCLA folks participated in the IRLM's Leather and Lace show; reviving an old tradition of a combined drag and leather show. The IRLM crew did a fine job of making their performances genuinely fetish and sex oriented. Not a dud in the group. The show ran way too long as usual though... not due to quality but on the pure human endurance level. If only they could learn one can have a time cutoff (say two hours max) and fill the time with the best offered. (not to deny new performers a chance though; gotta mix a couple of them in as well :-) ).

The Feishtron skit that [livejournal.com profile] bovil (the wizardly invisible hands) [livejournal.com profile] kproche and I resurrected from a few years ago took a fair amount of practice to get back in shape! Yea for plenty of time to do so. I kinda had it easy. I didn't have to haul the equipment! Bovil and kproche took care of that. One of the IRLM ladies stepped up and Vanna'd for us (our scheduled Vanna wasn't able to make the rehearsal, and we found indeed practice was needed). When the time for the performance came, the fantasy was very well received. We did run a bit over time (that is, the music ran out), which disappointed me a bit. Laughing and clapping however suggests the audience had no complaint.

A bit later in the show, bovil and I did an audience participation demo using violet wands. It was a lot of fun to entice and surprise the curious to take a tingle. Lots of good sexy energy. (For me, the evening provided several doses of that, which is rather like food. :-) . I never braved the KFC provided as actual food.) Yea for yummy friendly people.

One young woman model/dancer in particular was utterly terrified. I eventually stood back and made her come to me, which she finally did. And jumped pleasingly, etc. She didn't try much more. Later in the evening she came up to me as I was chatting with a few friends, looking for strokes; the touch she couldn't quite go for when it was electric. One of my friends started to sing "Toucha Toucha Touch Me" from Rocky Horror Picture Show, particularly the "creature of the night" quote. And I realized he was completely right; she was back for more, fascinated with what she perceived as a dark sexy forbidden presence or energy (not meant to be a bragging thing; it just somehow surprised me to have that someone come to so overtly in that space).

The final SCCLA piece was a couple of members doing the beloved *Interent Is For Porn* fantasy (performed at our Leather Weekend last November, and earlier that day for ACLC! though with a different male lead). It was great, and the new leading man hit every note (so to speak).

Had another interesting conversation with a leather elder friend, about his participation in a no-trans-men-allowed club. Finally had the opportunity to ask the 'why do you stay?' question. And got a simple and true answer; because there is no where else in the south bay to have a gay male play/sex party. Gotta get the need met; I appreciate that. I don't know if it was getting a straight answer that helped, or that I was in a better place to hear the answer. He is still pushing for change as he can, and that I am greatful for.

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(btw, I hereby give up on the leather events review blog, as no one else was posting to it)

Last night, I went (with a couple of kinky compatriots) to a reading event at Femina Potense, a tiny space in the city, on the outskirts of the Castro. We arrived a half hour late (see why below); the event had pretty much just started, unsurprisingly. The room was very much standing room only, and hot (cake was quite unobtainable, until afterwards; I didn't try even then).

The first couple pieces were ok. Midori then came on, and read a very hot (until the very end, for my tastes) futuristic high tech sex/hot vehicle story. Laura Antoniou read the first chapter of a new Marketplace book (yea!!! I can't wait), and Carole Queen read a fantastic older piece, on knife play, with joyful celebration of complex sexuality. All fabulous pieces.

Laura talked about now trying to become a full-time writer, and looking for support. :-) My south bay contingent discussed on the way home how we could pretty easily see putting together an excellent event at the Back Room... (more planning to follow).

Unexpectedly, several other south bay friends were at the reading (in addition to a couple we already knew of). So about nine of us went out for dinner afterwards. We went just down the street to a place called Home, which was really quite good (and able to accomodate us all easily). It was a lot of fun. Combined with the excellent readings, and the lack of a ticket on my car, it made for a worthwhile, fun evening.

The big downside: I left San Jose by about 5:15pm, smack dab in rush hour. The traffic was insane; more of what I would've expected for a Friday night. Dense the entire way. We spent just about exactly one HOUR driving around before we found a place to park (we'd actually more or less given up and were heading back to the freeway when we found a risk-acceptable parking space). My companions and I were strongly reminded why most of us avoid going to the city any more.


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