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Beautiful Boxer is a beautiful film, from lush foggy mornings to flashing legs in bright shorts in kickboxing arenas. It’s also difficult to watch at times; the utterly solo pain of not being able to be who you are, of how stereotypes are used for money-making, of simple family struggles. This is the story of Parinya Charoenphol, a poor child, a “transvestite” in Thai parlance, who discovers a talent for kickboxing, and goes on to be a champion who revitalizes the sport. The ultimate male sport, done to support hir poor family, and to save for sex reassignment surgery.

The actor who plays adult Parinya is a professional kickboxer! How cool is that? Can you imagine a US fighter who would be willing to play an MTF? I was pretty wow’d by the acting throughout the film, from the little boy who was Parinya as a child monk (hungry for lipstick) to the adult fighter.

What I liked best perhaps was that this movie is about *showing,* not telling. It’s not a talking heads movie, despite the interview wrapper. Strong and lovely film.

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was unexpectedly good! Yes a kid's movie, but not a stupid American kid's movie, if you know what I mean. :-) It has humor, but it's not a comedy. It's perhaps a quest story. It follows a young boy who lives with his uncle (who is very afraid of Viking raiders, and is making a great wall) in a monastery. A monk comes, bearing the Book of Iona (which will one day be the Book of Kells). The boy ventures into the forest, meets a fairy/goddess, has adventures, takes risks, grows up. The fairy is unpredictable, adorable but not saccharine. 

The use of art and animation in The Secret of Kells totally surprised me. Celtic art is subtle in nature, right there in the vines and boughs of the woods, then it dances on the page. I love that it's a movie where religion underlies some of what is going on, but it only underlies, it is never brought to the front. Some of the animation is 2D, some 3D. Some of it  is very simple, yet entirely original and effective. 

If you like Celtic art, good kid fantasy, or are interested in animation, go see this movie. Oh yeah, the soundtrack was excellent! 
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 Santa Clara County Leather Association and Pierce Ink
invite you to a special screening of...

*Liberty in Restraint - behind the eyes of a fetish photographer*

WHAT: 90 minute feature documentary plus Q&A with director Michael Ney;
ask questions, buy a copy!

WHEN: Friday November 16, 2007
(Doors Open @ 7:30pm, Screening @ 8:00pm)

WHERE: the Back Room of Pierce Ink, 48-B Race St, San Jose, CA 95126
(Enter thru the front door, please.)

Suggested Donation: $5, no one turned away for lack of funds

All adults are welcome. You don't need to be a member to attend.

For more information please visit http://www.sccleather.org/

Please feel free to forward this on to other appropriate lists.

And hey, we'll have munchies!

Please pass the word to the appropriate lists and friends. :-)
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Santa Clara County Leather Association and Pierce Ink
invite you to a Special Screening of "Liberty in Restraint"

"Liberty in Restraint - behind the eyes of a fetish photographer"
90 minute Feature documentary plus Q&A with the director Michael Ney

Friday November 16, 2007
Doors Open @ 7:30pm, Screening @ 8:00pm
Back Room of Pierce Ink
48 Race St # B
San Jose, CA 95126

Suggested Donation: $5, no one turned away for lack of funds

for more information please visit http://www.sccleather.org/

Please feel free to forward this on to other appropriate lists.

Join the director Michael Ney for a Q&A and hear about the background
to creating this unusual documentary.

Please tell all your friends to join us. Be the first in San Francisco
to get your copy of the DVD too - signed by the director. Preview
release available now.

More info, photos, videos etc at: http://www.libertyinrestraint.com

Press kit at:

Liberty in Restraint - behind the eyes of a fetish photographer is a
story about freedom of expression and daring to follow one's visions.
This documentary follows fetish photographer Noel Graydon in his quest
for authenticity, showing his work in progress, the passion for his
art and its themes, and the transgressive activities of the community
he loved to photograph. It also investigates the nature of sexual
transgression, the prejudices of society and how an artist can break
through boundaries.

The clandestine world of bondage and discipline, dominance-submission,
sadomasochism, fetish fashion and alternative sex was a powerful
attraction for Noel Graydon. For five years he trained and worked as a
BDSM Master, aka "Master Venom", and established the friendships which
led him to genuinely capture this clandestine world "as an insider
looking out." Liberty in Restraint follows Noel in his quest for
authenticity and explored his life, work and community... revealing
the mentors, muses and masochists who inspired his artistic
endeavours... showing the passion for his art and its themes.


The DVD will be released in stores on Dec 11. You can alert your
favorite video stores to the existence of Liberty and request they
order it in as soon as possible... distribution via MVD.


Tribute to Noel Graydon

It is with great regret that we bring the sad news that photographer,
Noel Graydon, suffered a fatal heart attack on Saturday 7 July 2007 in
Brisbane, Australia. Noel was riding his push bike and suffered an
asthma attack triggering a major heart attack caused by an arterial
blood clot.

Noel received global exposure as the subject of the documentary
"Liberty in Restraint" and his journey embraced fathering two
daughters and an ongoing struggle to reconcile fetish life with family
life. After years of drug addiction, then total recovery with his
parents help, it is all the more tragic that he died at his parents
place after being healthy for many years. He will be missed by all who
knew him.
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Due to a friend's connection with a promoter, I got to see *Eragon* last night.

It was "ok". A kinda Saturday matinée movie if such were still made.

Review with spoilers. )

*Thanks to didjiman for the typo correction!
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SCCLA and smOdyssey, Inc. proudly sponsor a viewing of the movie Original Pride
Please Note; CHANGE of VENUE!

SCCLA and smOdyssey, Inc. proudly sponsor a viewing of the movie
Original Pride, written and directed by Scott Bloom

Movie Night - "Original Pride"
WHAT:  Film Screening
WHEN:  Friday April 7
         7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  (Doors open at 6:30pm)
WHERE: the Back Room of Pierce Ink Studio, 48-B Race St., San Jose, CA
COST:  $5 (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)
RSVPs are not required. Walk-ins are welcome!

Film Synopsis:

The year was 1954. Stanley Kramer's stylized film portrayal of
America's rebellious youth, The Wild Ones, the original motorcycle
movie featuring leather-clad icon Marlon Brando, splashed across the
silver screen.

Americans were healing from the scars of World War II, and gay
veterans were exploring ways to covertly meet other masculine men. The
Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles was there at the beginning of
this new era. It was the start of a gay motorcycle club revolution
which influenced the creation of other clubs across the nation.

This emerging club culture was the means to an end for meeting and
socializing with other gay leather-motorcycle buddies. "Original
Pride" is a journey into the legendary Satyrs Motorcycle Club and
offers a look at the men who were there and frames their stories,
memories and influences on the leather community.

Archive footage and vintage photographs reveal how these men shaped
gay culture. In addition, it examines how the ever-changing
socio-political landscape of our community affected the club and lives
of its members. It is a relevant and poignant exploration of the times
and an assessment of the Satyrs' future as a vital member of the gay
leather-motorcycle community.

For more information contact info@sccleather.org or visit www.smodyssey.com

Feel free to forward to appropriate lists.
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Last night I went to smOdyssey's "south bay premier" of a new BDSM documentary, *Vice and Consent*. The filmmaker, Howard Scott Warshaw was in attendance. After the showing, many of the movie watchers stuck around til pretty darn late to ask questions and hear more stories (two of the film's interviewees came as well). Mr. Warshaw said one of his goals had been to give a gift to the community, and he truly has.

*Vice and Consent* is a number of interviews with well-known-in-leather players, writers, etc., intercut gracefully, exploring the subject of BDSM. Common fears are talked about, and, best of all, common misconceptions are laid open and dispensed with. The truths of passion and intimacy come out in wonderful story-telling by the interviewees, including Evil Mommy Tina, Midori, Michael Blue and Race Bannon among others.

This film is just the thing to show the BDSM curious but nervous. It would be fine educational tool at the university level, and particularly for therapists. I could sit down with curious friends and watch this with them, there to fill in the blanks (such as defining words which are used early on, but not always explained immediately... this film is meant for people who have some very basic understandings of play).

I liked how the film built its themes, and the lovely imagery used to enhance it. There was lots of art (by BDSM players :-) ) as well as some nicely used nature scenes. The music was a plus not a minus, which is really admirable in a small film, IMO.

If you're dabbling in BDSM, if you're a therapist and want to understand your clients better, if you're a sex worker and need a deeper understanding, if you're a player and want to celebrate who we are (you'll laugh), watch this film. And maybe buy a copy to share with your friends.


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