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Yeah, a little hoaky. Awesome anyway. :-)
Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] fluffthebunny.

I confess I'd've liked to've seen a few sexy older folks in the video, but other than that - Yes!
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Pink rocks!
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Listen to a 'trumpet' from 3000 years ago: http://www.sciencenews.org/musicfiles/ChavinPututusExample1.mp3

From Discovery. In addition to the fascinating ancient music itself, there's intriguing discussion of psychoacoustics. Something ritualists and movie theme writers know well. :-)
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From the purple diary: Cash and Dylan rehearse.

When I was a kid, I always thought this song ("A Thousand Miles Behind") was really eerie. I don't even remember who did it originally (that is, who I heard sing it on the radio). I did have a version by Bobby Sherman. ;-)
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cool music, dying samurai, forest and spirits... weird and cool.

snagged from Coilhouse.

con music

Jul. 7th, 2010 10:00 am
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The current Pub Songs Broadcast podcast (by Marc Gunn) features filk music. Awesome tune from the point of view of the Seven Dwarfs, the Jedi Drinking Song, etc. Makes excellent background music for work (well, IMO). :-)  Enjoy.
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Check out today's Wild Hunt post. It includes a short video of Faith & The Muse currently in concert, links to other performers from the Faith & the Muse shows, and a link to his A Darker Shade of Pagan top ten pagan albums for 2009. ADSOP is my favorite music podcast these days.

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I gotta track down more of Larkin Grimm's work She is fascinating. This article has one video of her performing lakeside.


Now she would be a cool role model for girls! Scare just about everybody in all the best ways. :D
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In addition to the making-the-world-small affect, I love the love of the performers for their art. Anyone who has truly gotten into playing music knows what I mean. :)
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wish I could embed this, but I'm having no luck tracking it down on youtube:
"I'd like to dress you up in leather"; a leather bar, in a classic and yet never before seen way....
bilerico is my friend.
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I loved this show, back when (the BBC's *Robin of Sherwood*) and Clannad was the first Irish band I really got into (though by this time they were pretty new age-y as well). The video makes me wanna go on an illegal-substances journey in the woods. :-)

Happy autumn.
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Starts off good and gets better. :-)

happy monday!

Jason Walker "I Can't Get You Off My Mind"

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I rather like this. Got a beat and fierce lyrics. Am wondering why all the old photos... though it works. Snagged from [profile]

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another cool seasonal-ly goddess-y music video...French. or something like that... (he said ignorantly)

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I can think of a number of lj friends who could find cool posters for their homes in this guy's site. !

I want the Pogues and Depeche Mode...
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Excellent quality sound. Lots of predefined stations. And customizable stations. No commercials!
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Go to www.popculturemadness.com, copy in the hits from the year you were 18, and bold those you still like.

This is kinda embarrassing! lol

For me...
Read more... )
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Natasha is the sis in law of a good friend of mine. She is also a dancer, and not so long ago started her own troop (all female, which I hadn't known in advance), doing the choreography (and dancing) (she and her spouse are also techy types, and good conversationalists). This past Friday night, I was invited to attend a show, at Fort Mason's Cowell Theater (very nice place). I was pretty pleased; very fun to get to see something I'd been hearing about for several years now.

The show was really good! The modern dance show was overall nicely light-hearted. It evoked a lot of different moods and emotions. There were perhaps two pieces that I think went a little too long... ymmv. Mostly, I was tickled and impressed. One piece involved three 'bookworms' in a bookcase, never touching the ground... another had sea anenome type tubes among the players... others had a classical feel... Natasha has a thing for tie-dye; many of the outfits looked like dancing jammies! But to say you'd have smatterings of tie-dye and surf music would really tell you almost nothing about the show. Go see 'em if you like dance at all. :-)

Accompanying, and doing a set of their own, was the California Guitar Trio, three guys who live from here to Idaho to Tokyo, and who were really good! Their sound was harpsichord and surf and hard guitar, and unnameable (to me, not educated enough obviously) modern dance stuff... Apparently they are usually acoustic, but were plugged in for this entire event. I will definitely seek their music out; it was dense and different and energetic.


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