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via Circle of Dionysos by DKCowan on 2/27/11

"What is forgotten is that “those people” are out there every day questioning the norm and so removing societal barriers for finding and expressing one’s true self for everyone.  If it were not for “those people,” then the “normal gays” of today would still be considered “those people.”  The cultural shift that “those people” enact is both more enduring and more profound  than any short term political battles that may be lost because of them. So honor your freaks, your transfolk, your drag kings and queens,  the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the leather daddies, and the dykes on bikes, for without them there could be no movement, no removal of obstacles."
"One must be memorable before one can become an icon.  Which of your icons is most memorable?  A congressman from Massachusetts?  No.  A former boy band member who was outed by his boyfriend?  No.  A round-bellied, dog shit eating Drag Queen who called herself Divine?  Now that one has possibilities."

I was attracted to Ganesh long ago, and started collecting the occasional image of him, despite naving only a college overview of Hinduism. Because he was about doorways, and reading, and guarding. Because he's a bit Other. And has cool clothes. The Circle of Dionysius' 'Yes They Are!' ritual theater on queer deities is awesome. Go read the whole thing, and catch the performance if you get the opportunity!
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Pink rocks!
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I think this is safe for work. It's a sport, after all. though a number of the moves have been seen in other contexts, performed by another gender.

I am impressed at how graceful the bear-ish guy is!

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Democracy Now has an extended, thoughtful interview with the out and fighting Dan Choi. Be great to pass on to any gay/questioning folks you know.
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His real name was Samuel Steward, and he lived a very gay life in a time when few others did. The NY Times has a fun book review on a new biography on him, by Justin Spring.

Go Dan Go!

Jun. 23rd, 2010 08:54 am
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I am a Dan Savage fan; the savagelovecast is the best keep-me-awake podcast out there. As a sex advice columnist, Dan is BDSM savvy (for the vanilla world). To me, his advice around trans stuff has been a bit hit and miss. Today's column is all hit (save for the weird little not-trans thing at the end). It's aimed at trans guys who have sex with cisgender men, which is also a wonderful thing to see.

I've been surprised by a few trans positive things lately, hopeful stuff. I like it.
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For an excellent, wonderfully depressing analysis, see this article on Slate.com.
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It's *not* sexual orientation or gender which determines if a person's blood is safe to share... it's behavior! Not to mention a little luck. A gay guy in a sexually monogamous relationship with another man is less likely to get AIDS (or any other STI) than a straight guy having random unprotected sex with women. It's time and time again to let science determine rules around donating blood, NOT social mores which change with the political mood. We have pretty darn good screenings on donated blood; it's one thing to discourage folks from looking for a 'free' AIDS test (via blood donation) and quite another to imply that the screening processes don't do their jobs, so we dare not let men who have sex with men (even once, since 1977!) donate blood.

FDA, please bring equality, sanity, and science to the blood donation process. There are a number of men who would happily donate blood, if you would let them. We need the blood!

This rant brought to you in support of a regularly scheduled blogswarm! Please make a public statement today if you want the FDA to update its rules. The issue is under consideration *right now*.
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Tyler is the first trans man to win IML.

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Well the school sent her and just a few other kids (some with disabilities) to a fake prom, while the rest of the student body went to a private prom. (vomiting space here)

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The Begining

The Circle of Dionysos do an awesome queer circle at Pantheacon.

Chewey blog entry.
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Super cool: Abstracts from a 2009 symposium on sexuality/queerness in science fiction. Very tasty (if painfully laid out on the ever so long page).

Think I ganked this from Jay Lake, but that was hours ago, so I'm not sure! ;-)
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Perhaps not light reading. This stuff affects our legal and medical universes. Check the side menu for the articles about paraphilias and such. Lots on kinky this issue.

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Paul Monette helped me survive the *huge* grief and rage I felt during the worst years of the AIDS crisis.

World Aids Day reminds me of the gratitude I have for time with the people I loved and lost, for the leather men who were never my teachers but would have been, for the poets, and for those who are living with AIDS today.

Guys, being trans is not reason enough to be a bug chaser.
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NYT article on the blurring of gender lines among younger generations.
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Really good ramble on the differences and similarities between butches and trans men.

All Things Butch and Trans

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Play with Queer Pride! We'll provide the vibe, Edges provides the equipment, you bring on the gear and the groove!

Queer Edge Mixed Energy Dungeon Party
When: June 13, 8pm to 1am
Who: The Queer Edge Gang; Andy, Kevin, Loren, boyjean, and Lance
Cost:  $20 with Edges card / $25 for guest, or those without Edges card
Where: Edges; RSVP for location to
 events@edges.biz; RSVP required for non-Edges members.

This party is for all self-identified queers (fags, dykes, genderqueers, leathermen, fairies....) who like hot dungeon action.

Loren, Andy, Kevin and Lance and boyjean have held a handful of leather titles among them, and have organized and presented at many leather events.
Put the date on your calendar today!

Pass it on!
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wish I could embed this, but I'm having no luck tracking it down on youtube:
"I'd like to dress you up in leather"; a leather bar, in a classic and yet never before seen way....
bilerico is my friend.
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cool article on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and their nun-like work.


Habits, Heels, and Ear Braziers Come with a Surprising Spirituality

For Sister Edith Myflesh, the president of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, dressing up in a nun's habit, strapping on a bra-like headpiece, and spending two hours applying white face makeup isn't just about entertaining. It's an honest to God religion.


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