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The Santa Clara County Leather Association Leather Weekend is our annual showcase event.
Proceeds to benefit the
Billy deFrank LGBT Center

Friday Nov. 7, Leather and Uniform Night at
Renegades Bar.
501 W. Taylor St. San Jose, CA 95110; 408/275-9902; 21 and over
Meet and Greet! Cruise and Schmooze! Fun in the Bun! Surprises!
Saturday Nov. 8, 8pm, The Art of Sleaze Mixed Energy Dungeon Party at Edges
1725 De La Cruz Ave, Santa Clara; 18 & over; $25;
Must be a member of Edges or SCCLA, or a pre-registered guest of a member (rsvp for guests at
Come frame your fantasy in a world where (nearly) everything is permitted.

Sunday Nov. 9th, noon: SCCLA Leather Brunch at Cardinal Coffee Shop and Lounge
3197 Meridian Ave. San Jose, CA 95124; 408/269-7891
Buy your brunch, schmooze and munch in good company! We'll be seated in the bar area.

Learn more about the SCCLA on our
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Offered for your consideration... portraits in pleasure and power...

The Santa Clara County Leather Association proudly presents Leather Weekend 2008 – it ain't the same old thing, it's something nastier - the Art of Sleaze!

Friday, Nov. 7, 9pm: Meet and Greet at Renegades Bar

Saturday, Nov. 8: Art of Sleaze Mixed Energy Dungeon Play Party, at Edges

Sunday, Nov. 9, Noon; schmooze brunch at the Cardinal, in San Jose

We dream of living art in the dungeon... painted flesh... small acts that entice as you create your own scenes... of delicacies, artfully presented in the social areas... of leather men and women... of gearheads...wild animals... of rough sex, proudly displayed... How will *you* frame your fantasy?

Visit www.SCCLeather.com for details as the date nears.

The SCCLA is a project of the Billy deFrank LGBT Center.

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The Santa Clara County Leather Association is hosting the Meet and Greet for the Northwest Leather Conference (and NWM/s contest) tonight, Friday May 16 in San Jose.

WHERE: Renegades Bar  www.renegadesbar.com
501 W. Taylor St, San Jose, CA  95110
WHEN: 8pm until whenever they kick us out!
COVER: There's never a cover charge at Renegades! C'mon out!
Friday is going to be one hot night all the way around, but it's going to be
extra steamy at Renegades!

-Meet the contestants for Northwest Master/slave 2008!

-See  demos by LorenQ and Michael Sol, and just maybe one or two other
interesting  surprises.

-Have your boots blacked by boyjean, International Community  Bootblack 2007!

-Buy some raffle tickets and win some fun stuff! Proceeds  from the raffle
benefit the NWM/s travel fund.

-Adore our fabulous emcee  for the evening, and for the weekend, Gabrielle
Antolovich, International Ms  Leather 1990!

- Bring  your appetite! For just $6, Captain's Fun in the Bun will
give you a  plate of your choice of Chicago Dog, The King Louie (Spicy Polish),
The Big Al  (Italian Beef), Captain's Big Ass Chili Dog or Sabra's Bitchin' BBQ
Beef  Sandwich: Choice of Potato Salad or Sabra's Special ColeSlaw: Brownie
Bites for  dessert!

Dinner starts serving around six pm, so feel free to come on  down as soon as
you want, but the Meet and Greet festivities kick off at eight pm.

Come on down to Renegades, at 501 W. Taylor St, San Jose,  this Friday, and
join the SCCLA in kicking off smOdyssey's Northwest  Leather

Night Show

Feb. 11th, 2008 12:27 pm
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Saturday night (2/9/08) , several SCCLA folks participated in the IRLM's Leather and Lace show; reviving an old tradition of a combined drag and leather show. The IRLM crew did a fine job of making their performances genuinely fetish and sex oriented. Not a dud in the group. The show ran way too long as usual though... not due to quality but on the pure human endurance level. If only they could learn one can have a time cutoff (say two hours max) and fill the time with the best offered. (not to deny new performers a chance though; gotta mix a couple of them in as well :-) ).

The Feishtron skit that [livejournal.com profile] bovil (the wizardly invisible hands) [livejournal.com profile] kproche and I resurrected from a few years ago took a fair amount of practice to get back in shape! Yea for plenty of time to do so. I kinda had it easy. I didn't have to haul the equipment! Bovil and kproche took care of that. One of the IRLM ladies stepped up and Vanna'd for us (our scheduled Vanna wasn't able to make the rehearsal, and we found indeed practice was needed). When the time for the performance came, the fantasy was very well received. We did run a bit over time (that is, the music ran out), which disappointed me a bit. Laughing and clapping however suggests the audience had no complaint.

A bit later in the show, bovil and I did an audience participation demo using violet wands. It was a lot of fun to entice and surprise the curious to take a tingle. Lots of good sexy energy. (For me, the evening provided several doses of that, which is rather like food. :-) . I never braved the KFC provided as actual food.) Yea for yummy friendly people.

One young woman model/dancer in particular was utterly terrified. I eventually stood back and made her come to me, which she finally did. And jumped pleasingly, etc. She didn't try much more. Later in the evening she came up to me as I was chatting with a few friends, looking for strokes; the touch she couldn't quite go for when it was electric. One of my friends started to sing "Toucha Toucha Touch Me" from Rocky Horror Picture Show, particularly the "creature of the night" quote. And I realized he was completely right; she was back for more, fascinated with what she perceived as a dark sexy forbidden presence or energy (not meant to be a bragging thing; it just somehow surprised me to have that someone come to so overtly in that space).

The final SCCLA piece was a couple of members doing the beloved *Interent Is For Porn* fantasy (performed at our Leather Weekend last November, and earlier that day for ACLC! though with a different male lead). It was great, and the new leading man hit every note (so to speak).

Had another interesting conversation with a leather elder friend, about his participation in a no-trans-men-allowed club. Finally had the opportunity to ask the 'why do you stay?' question. And got a simple and true answer; because there is no where else in the south bay to have a gay male play/sex party. Gotta get the need met; I appreciate that. I don't know if it was getting a straight answer that helped, or that I was in a better place to hear the answer. He is still pushing for change as he can, and that I am greatful for.

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Calling all puppies, foxes, ponies, their owners, trainers, riders...

Join the Santa Clara County Leather Association for a leather outreach party at Furcon next coming Saturday night! (1/26)!

We'll be offering tastes of the violent wand and of bondage, as well as beverages and munchies, all with an Asian flair, as part of the Fur East gathering that is Furcon this year.

Fur friends are invited to meet kinky,queer, sex-positive SCCLA members, and see what we have to offer as a club.

Furcon takes place at the San Jose Doubletree all weekend long. It's $30 for a day membership. A membership is required to visit the party floor on Saturday night. You'll want to see all the adorable - and hot- folks running around anyhow. :-)
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 Santa Clara County Leather Association and Pierce Ink
invite you to a special screening of...

*Liberty in Restraint - behind the eyes of a fetish photographer*

WHAT: 90 minute feature documentary plus Q&A with director Michael Ney;
ask questions, buy a copy!

WHEN: Friday November 16, 2007
(Doors Open @ 7:30pm, Screening @ 8:00pm)

WHERE: the Back Room of Pierce Ink, 48-B Race St, San Jose, CA 95126
(Enter thru the front door, please.)

Suggested Donation: $5, no one turned away for lack of funds

All adults are welcome. You don't need to be a member to attend.

For more information please visit http://www.sccleather.org/

Please feel free to forward this on to other appropriate lists.

And hey, we'll have munchies!

Please pass the word to the appropriate lists and friends. :-)
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Santa Clara County Leather Association and Pierce Ink
invite you to a Special Screening of "Liberty in Restraint"

"Liberty in Restraint - behind the eyes of a fetish photographer"
90 minute Feature documentary plus Q&A with the director Michael Ney

Friday November 16, 2007
Doors Open @ 7:30pm, Screening @ 8:00pm
Back Room of Pierce Ink
48 Race St # B
San Jose, CA 95126

Suggested Donation: $5, no one turned away for lack of funds

for more information please visit http://www.sccleather.org/

Please feel free to forward this on to other appropriate lists.

Join the director Michael Ney for a Q&A and hear about the background
to creating this unusual documentary.

Please tell all your friends to join us. Be the first in San Francisco
to get your copy of the DVD too - signed by the director. Preview
release available now.

More info, photos, videos etc at: http://www.libertyinrestraint.com

Press kit at:

Liberty in Restraint - behind the eyes of a fetish photographer is a
story about freedom of expression and daring to follow one's visions.
This documentary follows fetish photographer Noel Graydon in his quest
for authenticity, showing his work in progress, the passion for his
art and its themes, and the transgressive activities of the community
he loved to photograph. It also investigates the nature of sexual
transgression, the prejudices of society and how an artist can break
through boundaries.

The clandestine world of bondage and discipline, dominance-submission,
sadomasochism, fetish fashion and alternative sex was a powerful
attraction for Noel Graydon. For five years he trained and worked as a
BDSM Master, aka "Master Venom", and established the friendships which
led him to genuinely capture this clandestine world "as an insider
looking out." Liberty in Restraint follows Noel in his quest for
authenticity and explored his life, work and community... revealing
the mentors, muses and masochists who inspired his artistic
endeavours... showing the passion for his art and its themes.


The DVD will be released in stores on Dec 11. You can alert your
favorite video stores to the existence of Liberty and request they
order it in as soon as possible... distribution via MVD.


Tribute to Noel Graydon

It is with great regret that we bring the sad news that photographer,
Noel Graydon, suffered a fatal heart attack on Saturday 7 July 2007 in
Brisbane, Australia. Noel was riding his push bike and suffered an
asthma attack triggering a major heart attack caused by an arterial
blood clot.

Noel received global exposure as the subject of the documentary
"Liberty in Restraint" and his journey embraced fathering two
daughters and an ongoing struggle to reconcile fetish life with family
life. After years of drug addiction, then total recovery with his
parents help, it is all the more tragic that he died at his parents
place after being healthy for many years. He will be missed by all who
knew him.
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10) Several of your favorite vendors are bringing their wares just for YOU!!

9) You just might learn something.  There are going to be interesting and helpful demonstrations and discussions and things-to-know led by some of our community's best!

8) Leather.  Boots.  Cigars.  Uniforms.  Hot people wearing and using all those in really hot ways,  especially at our Friday kickoff at Renegades! <okay, I gotta stop here and move on to number 7 before I overheat>

7)The show. If you have never been to an SCCLA show event, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  The delicious fantasies and gorgeous performances are worth the price of admission all by themselves.

6)A yummy, yummy Tamale and Southwestern salad to fill you up before the show and get those carbs and protein going before the play party.

5) A LIVE auction filled with all kinds of really terrific offerings.

4) Insert your favorite "tool" double entendre here.

3) MMmmmmm....bootblacks.

2) All your favorite south bay leatherfolk in one place!  What else do you need?

1) The SCCLA has chosen two very deserving charities this year as recipients.  The Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, and the Leather Leadership Conference, which will be held in San Francisco, April 11-13, 2008.
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Kicking off the
The Santa Clara County Leather Association's
Leather Weekend 2007
"Tools of the Trade"

Show off the gear that cranks up your throttle by participating in our
"Gear Up for the Weekend" Contest
Astronaut? Fireman? Cowboy? Scuba Diver? Race Car Driver?
Prizes will be awarded for the best "Geared Up" individual or team.
Winners will be determined by members of the audience.

So rig it up, strap it on and come on down to
SCCLA Leather Night Meet and Greet
Nov. 2, 2007 9pm-1am
501 W. Taylor Street , San Jose, CA

For More information on SCCLA Leather Weekend 2007, please
visit our website at: http://www.sccleather.org
Please forward to like-minded friends and lists.
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 The Santa Clara County Leather Association Proudly Presents:
Leather Weekend '07: "Tools of the Trade"  November 2-4, 2007

Friday: Meet and Greet at Renegades Bar in San Jose!

What are your tools?  Are you a cowboy?  A fireman? Is construction more your speed?  Wear your gear and enter our "Gear Up" contest, emceed by the lovely Lady Hilary!

Saturday: A full day of happenings at Edges in Santa Clara!

A vendor fair brimming over with some of our favorite tools and toys, both silent and live auctions with even more gear to buy-with the proceeds going to worthwhile organizations, a delicious meal, fabulous entertainment, and a hot play party!  What's not to love?

Sunday: Wind down from the weekend's excitement at brunch.  The Cardinal has a brunch buffet second to none, so you can have a leisurely meal with friends and leather loved ones.

For more information, please visit http://www.sccleather.org or to buy tickets go to http://www.frantix.net

Note: RSVP is required for the play party (for non-SCCLA or Edges members); buying your ticket in advance qualifies as an RSVP.
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The Santa Clara County Leather Association Leather Weekend is our annual showcase event!

Gear up for *Tools of the Trade*

November 2-4, 2007  San Jose, CA

Get the best grease for your nuts, bolts, and screws!

Visit www.SCCLeather.org for updates!

Please forward to like-minded friends and lists.
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The Santa Clara County Leather Association is pleased to host the Meet and Greet for
the second annual Northwest Master slave contest!

what: Leather Night & NWM/s Contest Meet and Greet
when: Aug. 3, 9pm - 1am
where: Renegades Bar, 501 West Taylor St., San Jose www.renegadesbar.com
cost: Free!
must be 21 or over

Fear and delight in the Wheel of Torture!
Be on the look out for demos and satisfying measurements!
Meet the contestants for NWM/s! Visit www.northwestmasterslave.com for event details.

To find out more about the SCCLA, visit www.SCCLeather.org.

Please forward to interested friends.
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Need a break after the flurry of Pride? Join us!

What: Santa Clara County Leather Association's 5th Annual Leather Community
Where: Steven's Creek Park in San Jose (Details on  RSVP)
Date: June 30, 2007
Time: Noon. - 4 p.m.
Cost: Free (there is a $5/car parking fee charged by the park)
RSVP: rsvp@sccleather.org

The event is free, the site is shaded, and the energy will be high!
The aim of this picnic is to build community. It is not an event for kids.
Parking is limited, so carpooling is a very good idea.

Throw water balloons, grill a burger, wear your wet underwear, cruise,
schmooze... take a nap!

Visit www.SCCLeather.org for details and to RSVP!
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The Imperial Royal Lion Monarch is putting on a Fetish Ball show
tonight at King of Clubs. SCCLA/smOdyssey members are participating
with a fantasy!

WHAT:  Fetish Ball
When :   Friday - August 18th - Doors at 7PM, show at 8PM
Where:  King Of Clubs 893 Leong Drive, Mtn View, CA 94043
Who   :   IRLM 36 San Jose/Santa Clara Imperial Court
Why   :   To Benefit Community Health Partnership - Transpowerment Program
How Much : $5.00 Cover
Program:  Performers, Raffles, Auctions
Contacts:  emp32athena@aol.com  or Danielle Castro 408 289-9260 ext 218

We hope you'll stop by, in your fetish wear, have a drink, giggle with
the drag performers, and get a bit heated up with the show!
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Come march with the Santa Clara County Leather Association in support
of gay pride!  The San Jose Pride march is this Sunday, June 11. Show
your colors and your pride.

Gather in the parking lot at the corner of St. John and Market at
around 9:30 a.m. The march goes up Market street, and ends near the
festival grounds at the Discovery Meadow, on San Carlos Street.

Visit http://www.SCCLeather.org for more info about the SCCLA. Send a
note to info@sccleather.org if you have questions.

Visit http://www.sjgaypride.com/ for more info about SJ Pride.
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LeatherSchmooze is moving!

The Santa Clara County Leather Association invites Leather folks of
all persuasions to join us for Bar Schmooze!

What: SCCLA Bar Schmooze
When: Friday May 5, 2006
8:00 pm - 12:00 am
Where: Renegades Bar, 501 W. Taylor St. San Jose, CA 95110; www.renegadesbar.com

This event happens on the first Friday of every month at Renegades
Bar. Schmooze, cruise, have a beer, relax on Friday night with your

Be on the lookout for Dinner Schmooze soon!


Feel free to forward to like-minded friends and lists.
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The Alameda County Leather Corps 11th anniversary dinner two weekends ago was a lot of fun. It was held at the Turf Club, dinner being out of doors. Which was quite unexpected, but fortunately I had a hat to don, and it really wasn't that cold. The place was pretty full during the main part of the proceedings, and it was a friendly crowd. I also got a couple of Leather Weekend details ironed out, another plus.

There were about ten SCCLA members there, sitting in a couple of groups, some not so active folks as well. That was cool. Kroche[livejournal.com profile] kroche got an honorary ACLC membership, which was nifty. At the very end of the evening they made space for announcements, so I went up and plugged SCCLA's upcoming leather weekend (Nov. 4-6).

As has happened before, I was really impressed with all of the awards and acknowledgments ACLC gives out. It is a very warm and kind thing to do. I am debating whether to just do the expanded thank-yous I'd already planned on at our Meet and Greet (Renegades, 9pm, Nov. 4) or try and hand out certificates. Time is short, but it would be cool...

This past weekend was SCCLA's Trash or Treasure, which is a leather/BDSM rummage sale. We held it outside of LeatherMasters, which worked out pretty well. It got more folks into the store, and more browsers to us. Only a few of us sold, but [livejournal.com profile] evilmommytina had tons of stuff, so we still looked pretty good! I sold some stuff, gave some away, and got donations from others for SCCLA prizes. yea!

One of the best parts of Trash or Treasure was just that it was low-key, social, relaxing. Lots of leather friends stopped by, even Andy[livejournal.com profile] bovil on his motorycle :-). It was all a no-pressure chance to chill with friends (which I really needed at the time). :-)
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LeatherSchmooze was really small last night, but productive. Summer often means fewer folks make weekday events. The SCCLA is once again looking at who we are and where we should be putting our energy. It became strikingly clear that with only 32 official members, perhaps half of whom regularly participate in putting events on, we just can't do the larger events we have done in the past. And we also observed that we're not getting new people in at any useful rate. So we discussed a lot of option on getting more folks to participate. I like the idea of modeling Screwup or Exiles, doing a monthly or quarterly activity or discussion focused gathering, with specific topics (types of play, relationship, etc).This encourages members to share what they know (and I think non-profit peer education is a core leather "thing"), and encourages new folks to come check out the group. At least that's the way I hope it would work.

Anyone have a favorite/successful way of getting new members iinto a leather club?

There may be escape from document control hell at work! A long-sought meeting here at work finally occurred, and, astonishingly, we got a process entirely outlined. And in just over an hour. Hopefully, things will go more smoothly going forward for actually releasing manuals.

The poison oak is much better... save I am still searching out contaminated areas (such as different pieces of my car, my running clothes...). Am doing my best to look at it as an opportunity to make more of my stuff clean, rather than be merely driven crazy by it. I really liked what [livejournal.com profile] ladyhilary posted, about "enhancing one's already graceful life" in the face of adversity (not that poison oak is all that huge in the adversity scale LOL, even when one is allergic to it).

Yea for Friday.


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