Sep. 15th, 2009

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kproche!

May your rocket burn brightly and rise with speed!
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Here's a link to the promo video. It shows tonight. No idea if I have that channel or not...

An ex-military man discovered he was intersexed. He decided this meant he wasn't a man, or a woman, and hence possibly not even human. The voice-over style adds to the 'drama' feeling (which I'd be happier without), but the man speaks for himself.

I find that response very depressing.  (Am not saying he shouldn't feel what he feels! Just sharing my own reaction.) I want people and humanity to be about more than gender.

His response points clearly to how we socially value rigid gender roles (not that I know the specific place where this guy grew up, and certainly the U.S. coasts tend to be less rigid about gender than the center). Illuminating, for some value of light. 
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When A Parent's 'I Love You' Means 'Do As I Say'

The conclusions of this article (a summary of some new science around kid's behavior and need for therapy later in life), seems entirely obvious to me. Of course kids need unconditional love, and then encouragement and explanation around making good choices. I wonder why it is that as a society, we don't believe that?

Anyhow, I am intrigued also by how these concepts can easily play into self-worth, self-development, Buddha nature, Feri alignment... any psychological or spiritual path you care to name.  

Ghods how I wish I could give this article to my immediate neighbors.


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