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Who knew we had a day? Thanks [livejournal.com profile] fluffthebunny.

Yes, I exist. :-) Lots of us do.

May you find the love and pleasure you seek.
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The report includes recommendations for many institutions on what they can do to avoid discriminating against trans people.

Thank ghod for TLC!

from the report:
Good News
Transgender Californians have been legally protected from discrimination and harassment in employment since 2004.
Transgender respondents are almost twice as likely to hold a bachelor’s degree as the general California State population.
Transgender Californians have been legally protected from discrimination and harassment in housing since 2004.
California prohibits discrimination in public accommodations, including medical care, based on gender identity.

Bad News
Seventy percent of the transgender community reports experiencing workplace harassment or discrimination directly related to their gender identity.
Transgender respondents are twice as likely to be living below the poverty line of $10,400 when compared to the general population.
1 in 5 respondents have been homeless since they first identified as transgender.
Thirty percent of the community reports postponing care for illness or preventive care due to disrespect or discrimination from doctors or other health care providers.
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A Series of Questions

Questions random people ask trans people all the time.


Aug. 11th, 2009 04:00 pm
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snagged from [livejournal.com profile] ladycelia 

... [M]ost everything that Jesus taught can be distilled down to one simple, if not a bit vulgar, statement: "Life is hard, we're all in this together, don't be a dick."

I think the world might be a better place if people stopped wearing clothing and jewelry with "WWJD" plastered on it, and replaced it with "DBAD".

* Let a car into traffic. She's been sitting there for a while and she probably has to be somewhere soon, just like you do.
* Smile at someone. They're probably having a shitty day and could use some positive energy. If they're not having a shitty day, it won't hurt to keep their good mood going.
* Thank the barista, the cashier, the bag boy, the lunch lady, the crossing guard, the guy that empties your office trash, and the telephone operator. I don't care if it's their job to serve you. We all serve someone.
* Find someone (or more than one) on your LJ Friends List that you haven't commented to in a while. Post a comment letting them know that you're glad they're on your List.
* Make it a point to compliment someone today. On anything. Everyone has something worthy of praise and admiration.
* Tell *everyone* you love exactly that. Life is short, shit happens, and the people who are important to us need to know they've had a positive effect on someone else's life. It's entirely possible that our own lives are measured solely on how we affected others.

Here's today's project: if you're in agreement, and are so inclined, post "DBAD" in your LJ today, with a link back to this entry.
joining the faking of it crowd, and just posting the whole thing. good for non-link followers anyhow!
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note to self: watch this again. and likely again...

wow, social-ness made into followable steps. woot. ! I am intrigued by the idea than an initial brief comment, wander away, and wander back... and you're now perceived as a 'friend'. That's usable.

I think I will always find long social engagements with lots of unknown folks somewhat wearing, but it would be great to feel a little more capable when I'm at one. Like if I go to the ACLC meet and greet or contest this weekend....
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which should probably ready 'dying', but I have a hard time with that even knowing it's true.

It's is good/awesome that folks don't have to hide so much, to gather in little tight groups in order to find the (rough/kinky/fetish) sex they want, without shame and with little fear. Thank ghod, isn't that why the clubs worked for acceptance (and yes some folks argue against that well)? Yes the social stuff is really different now. Things are always changing.

I'm one of the folks who find the passing of the clubs (and bars) sad, while still really appreciating the (somewhat) more accepting world (not to mention the ease of connecting through the internet, even if I'd rather meet people in person, as well as I think peer education events are more fun than commercial educational events). There were/are real down sides to leather culture as well (unkind elitism being one off the top of my head).  I sure like the whole honesty/respect/acceptance side of the culture.

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From theNew York Times article; the Prez delivered a speech at Notre Dame, and decided to take on abortion as a topic:

In his address, Mr. Obama did not engage on the merits of the debate on abortion; he instead made an appeal to each side of the issue. He said he supported a “sensible conscience clause” allowing health care providers to withhold abortion or other services that conflicted with religious beliefs.

-- Um. This is a frustrating moment for me; the downside of our moderate president (still, I am very  happy he's in the White House!). Instantly springing to my mind are images of teen girls in Tinyville USA, unable to get an abortion 'cause she doesn't have the means to get to Bigtown, and can't get one locally. Or even in Bigtown, a number of trans and gay people don't get the health care they need, as the folks at the local clinic have religious reasons not to provide service.

Is that a valid concern?

And on the other side, would one want to receive services from a practitioner who hated what they were doing? And people should do what they want to do (a basic belief of mine), as long as no one else is harmed. - hmm, 'harm' as the out here, the reason a practitioner must provide whatever service?

Nothing new in the conversation, I know. I'm curious as to what others think.
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but I guess I won't be buying Rockstar anymore.

Check out founder Michael Savage.
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In addition to the making-the-world-small affect, I love the love of the performers for their art. Anyone who has truly gotten into playing music knows what I mean. :)
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cool article on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and their nun-like work.


Habits, Heels, and Ear Braziers Come with a Surprising Spirituality

For Sister Edith Myflesh, the president of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, dressing up in a nun's habit, strapping on a bra-like headpiece, and spending two hours applying white face makeup isn't just about entertaining. It's an honest to God religion.

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Why do the motorcycles in the guard have sidecars? Was the original idea that one could go scoop up the president if his car blew up? Quick googling didn't reveal the answer.

Apparently very expensive sidecars: http://www.wtop.com/?nid=25&sid=1557316

And a related little thing I liked in the inauguration: in addition to the variety of vehicles, there were a variety of faces doing the work; I saw women marines, marines of color, all that good stuff.


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