Mar. 23rd, 2011 03:03 pm
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Some of my personal Feri work led me to another round of self-work on LGBT stuff in my own life a month or so ago (yea Amethyst Pentacle!). With a focus on 'visibility.' Despite being an organizer and all that, I still had some itchy spots. Probably always will, yadda yadda.

And now I've got the Trans Day of Visibility event coming up, and people are contacting me out of the woodwork! New therapists looking to learn, or to find help for young FTMs. New film makers. A guy who is a legislative assistant asked if he could speak. Not to mention having a couple of drag performances. And more. 

Maybe this will be an opportunity for me to learn more myself, perhaps find a segue into some new career paths. Who knows. I feel pretty proud of it all, really, and it hasn't even happened yet.

OTOH, I still have to connect with friends to get the sound system, and relearn how to use it, and order and pick up coffee for that evening, and make a script, and make sure the projector will work, and find all of the film dvds... :-)

Transgender Day of Visibility
Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose
March 31st, 7-9pm
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There are a lot of *amazing* as well as horrifying posts in the blogosphere right now, in response to, or in this case re-brought up, the exclusion of trans women at a Lilith ritual at Pantheacon this year (Patheacon is awesome!). The communication problem (not advertised correctly) has been apologized for, etc etc.

But this post says it so well; I think Lilith would be pleased*: the seam of skin and scales. It's from 2007. 

*It's not my place to tell others what to believe/how to express their spirituality, but I delight in broadening the view. Nasty witch boy me!
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This event tends to be inspiring as well as solemn. Hope local peeps will check it out.

Saturday, November 20 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center
938 The Alameda
San Jose, CA

Go Dan Go!

Jun. 23rd, 2010 08:54 am
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I am a Dan Savage fan; the savagelovecast is the best keep-me-awake podcast out there. As a sex advice columnist, Dan is BDSM savvy (for the vanilla world). To me, his advice around trans stuff has been a bit hit and miss. Today's column is all hit (save for the weird little not-trans thing at the end). It's aimed at trans guys who have sex with cisgender men, which is also a wonderful thing to see.

I've been surprised by a few trans positive things lately, hopeful stuff. I like it.
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Tyler is the first trans man to win IML.

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Paul Monette helped me survive the *huge* grief and rage I felt during the worst years of the AIDS crisis.

World Aids Day reminds me of the gratitude I have for time with the people I loved and lost, for the leather men who were never my teachers but would have been, for the poets, and for those who are living with AIDS today.

Guys, being trans is not reason enough to be a bug chaser.


Nov. 16th, 2009 09:54 pm
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This evening (!) I got a call from an office of San Francisco Kaiser. I had been referred there by my local (Santa Clara) branch.

This San Francisco branch performs transgender care and surgery.

The nice lady was audibly sad that she could not help me, as though she worked at the place which could help me, I don't have the holy 'transgender benefit' at Kaiser; therefor they cannot will not help me. Insurance doesn't cover me. She helpfully suggested I get a job with the city of San Francisco (keeper of the holy benefit torch, along with just a few other places). Nice and all, but, really, should every trans American come get a job with the city in order to get health care. ? Meanwhile, my insurance company, which could take care of my health care needs insystem, won't. And they are *still* the best game in town.

I am yet another person health insurance doesn't take care of.

And on another front: do trans specific laws matter? Yes they do. Sure they shouldn't need to exist, but they make all the difference in the world.
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The report includes recommendations for many institutions on what they can do to avoid discriminating against trans people.

Thank ghod for TLC!

from the report:
Good News
Transgender Californians have been legally protected from discrimination and harassment in employment since 2004.
Transgender respondents are almost twice as likely to hold a bachelor’s degree as the general California State population.
Transgender Californians have been legally protected from discrimination and harassment in housing since 2004.
California prohibits discrimination in public accommodations, including medical care, based on gender identity.

Bad News
Seventy percent of the transgender community reports experiencing workplace harassment or discrimination directly related to their gender identity.
Transgender respondents are twice as likely to be living below the poverty line of $10,400 when compared to the general population.
1 in 5 respondents have been homeless since they first identified as transgender.
Thirty percent of the community reports postponing care for illness or preventive care due to disrespect or discrimination from doctors or other health care providers.
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Interesting ramifications indeed. WA state is embroiled in a battle around a trans man's legal status; when he can legally be called a man. The attorney wants the definition to be about reproduction capacity. Isn't that nice? This after all of the work the medical/theraputic community has put into understanding and making definitions that acknowledge gender is about identity, not 'bits'. Not that that community has't got a helluva long way to go yet. ;-)

I thought it was interesting the attorney was resisting going with the ruling that being a man was not legally connected to the ability to bear children (described as having or not having a hysterectomy, though of course it's more complicated than that); becuase of the challenges he foresaw in the legal system.

He has a point. The occasional trans man who bears a child will likely make for an occasionally complex legal sitations. Yet there are a lot of complex legal issues, and one or two have revolved around offspring (we're not terribly good at the whole best-for-the-child thing). I don't think one additional thorn is gonna bring down legal civilization.

I don't believe an entire class of people should have their legal gender dependent upon a possible legal inconvenience. 'Let's make sure x can't happen by taking away all those people's identity.' I appreciated the phrasing though... clearly the attorney general wasn't thinking about the lives of actual people, but of just the legal system (doing his job, I'm sure). Which is supposed to be for the lives of actual people. As originally conceived. These things take on a life of their own.

Of course, speculating gently, without some finesse, legal women without a uterus could be defined as legally male... I'm sure that would be a winner. And then there are those inconvenient intersex people...

As wit all medical and legal stuff, it's also interesting to consider how few trans people there are. At that level, it also seems crazy to put effort into making laws which restrict so few people. Isn't that a basic definition of discrimination; to hold against the minority?

Here's hoping the State Administrative Tribunal's ruling stands.
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A Series of Questions

Questions random people ask trans people all the time.

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Peter Toscano. Amazing Christian view on transgender. If you're interested in the topic, watch the video.

I'm not Christian, but wow, I know a lot of folks have suffered around the intersection of that religion and their gender identity.
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Really good ramble on the differences and similarities between butches and trans men.

All Things Butch and Trans

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...he said nonjudgmentally, with full acceptance of diversity, and the ability to be compassionate, etc. ;-)

I got the standard HRC weekly update today, and it's all about health care.

The word 'transgender' doesn't appear in it once. Though he says repeatedly 'LGBT is all about health care'.

I sent him a personal thanks.

... ah the response says the responses aren't read or responded to, and they're phasing out the return address.

I can imagine.
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  • The Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes bill S.909 needs our support to stay alive; and by far better if it's not attached to the Defense Authorization Act (all kinds of unrelated stuff, which not everyone is gonna want passed).
  • ENDA (employment nondiscrimination; HR3017) needs our support to have any chance at all.

We're actually pretty close... let's make this happen!

Even the CA reps can't be guaranteed across all fronts. If you want equality for LGBT people, please take a moment and contact your reps. :-) In DC, make their phones ring! Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and have them connect you to your Representative (based on your zip code) (btw will find out who *your* reps are).

For me, it's:
Representative Michael M. 'Mike' Honda <>  - U.S. House District 15 (Democratic)
Representative Zoe Lofgren <>  - U.S. House District 16 (Democratic)
Senator Barbara Boxer <>  - U.S. Senate Junior Seat (Democratic)
Senator Dianne Feinstein <>  - U.S. Senate Senior Seat (Democratic)

Let's make this happen!

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Transcript of a talk as it was given at the 2009 WPATH conference in Oslo, Norway, June 19, 2009, by Randall Ehrbar, Kelley Winters, Nicholas Gorton

some highlights (my words):
'gender dysphoria' as the diagnostic term; emphasis on 'dysphoria', not transness in itself as diagnosis/illness
'remission' concept: after people have successfully transitioned, the dysphoria is in remission, but ongoing treatment is (usually) required to keep 'em happy.
removes 'transvestism' and some poor/outdated language from the the DSM as pertains to gender.

Am keeping my fingers crossed, and grateful to the medical professionals (and friends) doing this work.
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If I'd had a mouthful of chips, the would've sprayed everywhere. ;-)
Grabbed from [ profile] fluffthebunny.

Conservatives Warn Quick Sex Change Only Barrier Between Gays, Marriage
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I didn't get that into the Oz books, but maybe I should've; a trans-ish experience happens in one. The book seems like a fine resource for a trans girl, and the article is a powerful reminder of how important it is to see ourselves reflected in the culture.
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Sigh. I think the reporter 'tried' to be open-minded, but was only semi-successful. Anyhow, a chilling reminder. We all have the human right to love where we will, and the law must support that.


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