Apr. 24th, 2009

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Yesterday I was on a fairly long PFLAG panel at a local Catholic girl's school. I was really curious to see what the place would be like; all girls! Catholic! Actually I've encountered the Catholic thing a few times, speaking at a local Catholic university (where one of the kids in the group is going next year, naturally).

I had found at the university that there were some people who had the Usual old school Catholic Issues, but most had gotten over them (not all). Interestingly, at the high school, not one kid brought up religious concerns as something *they* had. Though they were curious if the panelists had had those concerns. On the other side, the school does not actually let them call the club a Gay Straight Alliance; they can't use the word 'gay'. ! So they're just the Alliance. I saw a poster. :-)

I really like the guy moderating the panel; it was our second time speaking together. He rocks; big (as in tall and meaty) guy, good humored. A straight mom was on the panel as well; super open minded and willing to go into the details of cherry jubilee. Had to cut her off once or twice, but that's ok. :-) She's been a pseudo-mom to a number of gay kids trying to get brave enough to talk to their own parents. 

Anyhow, the thing that struck me about the girls at the school: they were all so relaxed. It was a mixed group of skinned knees athletes, drama-practice (gotta leave early) kids, uber-outgoing and quieter brains... just kids. Not self-conscious, not looking at each other constantly for approval. They were curious and honest. I'd never seen the like. Appears there's something to this all-girls school thing.


I'm glad I went. I felt like we were able to offer a lot of really useful info/experiences, and even some good advice, both to the girls and one of the teachers.
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but I guess I won't be buying Rockstar anymore.

Check out founder Michael Savage.


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