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My media tv died a couple of days ago (insert cranky here; half hour on hold with Costco, and now Vizio says leave a message... and it's a year out of warranty, but only just short of 4 years old). 

The computer attached to it logically enough is the  machine I use for itunes, photos, etc. I had it set up for two monitors, with the main display on the big tv. The computer itself doesn't really show anything (since it's last wipe and redo a couple months ago). So, I can't see anything on its monitor, so I can't make it a one monitor display again. Maybe there's some way to do that through one of the boot up sequences? F8? F11? Any one know?

Thanks in advance.
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At the open Feri circle at Mystic Dream last Friday, Storm used an new awesome star projector was used as a visual aid for meditation. :-) Much fun, and very, very cool. Now, this starfield ceiling; a guy punched wee holes in his ceiling and fed fiber optics through, which he can control remotely. 

in both cases: oooo, ahhhhhh

go boom

Aug. 28th, 2009 06:59 pm
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Well it's been some days of basics going boom. Like, yesterday my computer decided to randomly restart over and over, going back in time with restore points. So after much tech support and hardware tests, I wiped the drive and am now in the process of downloading masses of files from mozy. Yea for having mozy.

And before that was the late-breaking news about needing a therapist letter. Got that one in the bag (though the letter won't come for a week or more; timing).

As the capper (I sure hope), my car just massively overheated. All fine, then drive in the driveway, and verily, the sound of water gushing. Open the hood. The sound of water boiling. The temp gauge never got particulary high. Mysterious. See if I can't get it into a shop tomorrow. Know a great cooling system repair shop in San Jose? Hopefully this will stay in the three digits for repair.

Time to do laundry, make a cold supper, make a very cold vodka tonic. Or perhaps margarita... I did make fresh salsa yesterday...

Another day in the neighborhood.
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Roasted garbanzos/chickpeas - in a crock pot! aka slow cooker. Uber cheap tasty protein snack.

Slow cook garbanzos, and rinse. Or open a can or two, and rinse.

Put beans into crock pot. Drizzle a tablespoon or so of olive oil over.

Squeeze in the juice of one small lemon.

Sprinkle desired spices on: I used cayenne, garlic powder, a little ginger, a little cumin, a little sweetener. I want to make another batch of cinnamon and sugar (or other natural sweetener), and mix 'em together...

Stir/toss to coat evenly.

Turn the crock pot on to low. Put a skewer or some such under the lid, to leave it cracked.

Let it cook overnight.

Snackin' on 'em right no`w. Tasty.

My goal was something to replace beef jerky; laden with corn syrup, expensive, and hard on cows and the rest of environment. I think I call this a success.
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It's red food season. I had a mini watermelon sitting in the fridge. Gotta do something with it. Found an intriguing and strange recipe on Food Network.

Simmer about a quarter cup of balsamic vinegar with about the same of sugar (I used one packet of stevia).
Make a bunch of cubes of watermelon.
Make a bunch of cubes of tomato (split cherries would be good...)
Tear up a bunch of basil into same one inch fragments (yeah I had basil too. and tomatoes, of course.)
Get skewers.
One piece watermelon, followed by one piece tomato, followed by one piece basil.
Repeat until done.
Drizzle sweet vinegar over top.
Spray with olive oil.
Sprinkle with salt.

nom nom nom.
most bizarre. ! Glad I have leftovers to take to work tomorrow.
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I utterly love the Analogy screensaver (in black). It struck me today this would make a fabulous clock in my apartment (I've been looking for Just the Right One for sometime now). Any ideas, o techy friends, how this could be accomplished?

So far all I can come up with is buying a slate computer with a really big screen and hanging it on a wall. Probably clunky looking - and not inexpensive. How about digital picture frames? I have no idea how they work. I'm presuming said clock would need an interenet connection to work. ??


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